The Bootstrap Annoyance

I’m happy to cheer on people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. (Seriously…have you seen them try? It’s frakkin’ hi-larious.)

Me? I tend to congregate with the folks that have boots but no bootstraps (there a a lot of those), who have shoes (also a large number), sandals, the occasional espadrille, even bare feet. Thing is, not everyone can buy those fancy-shmancy bootstrapped boots to even try that pulling-up thing.

What really ticks me off is when someone gets “this close” to en-booting themselves with the requisite bootstraps and someone who already has even cooler boots gets them instead by using big words and empty promises — just so they can crow about this extra pair of boots they “earned” but will never wear.

We live in a world that is woefully short of cobblers.

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