June 28, 2009 Outage

My apologies for this site being unavailable for at least 10 hours on June 28, 2009.

A critical file on the T I B site which should never get mangled somehow got mangled. It happened at the worst possible time: right after I’d stopped personally monitoring the site for the day (hey, even I have to sleep at some point). A big shout out to Mike for letting me know so I could get to a computer as soon as I was able.

If you ever try to log into T I B and instead find yourself on a CJ’s Creative Studio error page, I’m having a server or site problem. Once I’m aware of it–which is usually within a few minutes–I dive in to restore access. Today was mostly just really bad timing.

I apologize to all of you for any inconvenience this caused. I which I could say that it won’t happen again, but it might being that I don’t know why it happened this time. I’ll be instituting some new procedures to increase the reliability of the site.


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