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The television series, Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles, ended on a note of such creative possibilities that I was compelled to continue the saga. Using the writing form I’m familiar and comfortable with, I’ve written a 22-episode season 3 of full-length hour-long scripts, and have followed that with a short 4th season made up of 5 hour-long episodes plus a 2-hour+ screenplay finale to conclude the series.This page serves as a catalog of the completed scripts and other components of this project so that you can bookmark it and link to it with interested fans.

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Season 3

F0301 – “A Thousand Miles”

Posted May 5, 2009

Future – John Connor finds himself trapped in a future that never had “THE” John Connor. He needs to figure out a way to begin his legend or die. Everything he knew, and we knew, of this relationship with Derek Reese, Kyle Reese, and Allison Young have been erased from future history.

Past – Weeks after John and Weaver used the time displacement machine, Sarah continues the fight against Kaliba.

F0302 – “Tempest Tossed”

Posted May 17, 2009

Future – John starts to build his legend by embracing the people he is to lead. Allison is sent on a mission into Skynet territory.

Past – Following on the heels of John and Weaver’s trip to the future, Sarah creates a new team to fight Kaliba.

F0303 – “I’ll See You Around, Connor”

Posted May 29, 2009

Future – After reuniting with a friend he knew in school, John goes out on his first mission in the field.

Past – Kaliba becomes a threat to Sarah as one of her team is kidnapped.

F0304 – “Without a Scorecard”

Posted June 10, 2009

Future -Destiny pulls at John, while it pushes Allison around.

Past – Sarah… well, Sarah is Sarah, destiny be damned.

F0305 – “Mrs Worthington’s Formal Tea”

Posted June 25, 2009

Future – John returns from the scouting mission in F0304 with news of Skynet’s plans. The events that unfold could have dire consequences. Meanwhile, Derek and other resistance leaders meet.

Past – Wheels within wheels as Sarah tries to expand her base, Kaliba attempts to thwart any and all opponents, connections are made, and we see the “man” behind the curtain.

F0306 – “Clutch”

Posted July 9, 2009

Future – The battle between the resistance forces and Skynet comes to a head. As the tide of battle can tip either way, John learns a critical lesson.

Past – Sarah and Savannah have some “girl time”. Meanwhile, while savoring a political victory, Governor Wyman finds himself once again on Kaliba’s radar.

F0307 – “Resfest”

Posted July 27, 2009

Future – In the aftermath of the battle with Skynet, the Zeira base takes a break from their normal day-to-day lives.

Past – Sarah tries balancing fighting Skynet, helping friends (old and new), and trying to give Savannah a different life than she gave John.

F0308 – “Ties and Links”

Posted August 10, 2009

Future – John joins with trusted allies to rescue yet another trusted ally before it’s too late.

Past – Sarah and Ellison must deal with someone from Weaver’s past who has an interest in Savannah.

F0309 – “Trail Mix”

Posted August 24, 2009

Future – John and Kyle are sent to meet with the Proctors at the Raptor base. Also, Derek and Allison have a rough patch.

Past – Aided by Ellison, Sarah finds the strength to strike back when Kaliba takes some needed resources.

F0310 – “Tumbling From the Ski Jump”

Posted September 2, 2009

Future – The vault is opened and John assumes his first command.

Past – Following John and Weaver’s travel to the future, Sarah has to make decisions about what to do from there.

F0311 – “A Green and Yellow Basket”

Posted September 16, 2009

Future – John and Allison go on a road trip filed with surprises.

Past – Kaliba and Skynet are on the move.

F0312 – “In Memory of Qin Shi Huang”

Posted September29, 2009

Future – John wants Depot 37. Brandi wants Fresno (yes…Fresno).

Past – Alejandra dines with the devil while Sarah and Aldridge investigate a worrisome incident in a physics lab.

F0313 – “Sharper Than a Terminator’s Truth”

Posted October 8, 2009

Future – Reunion with an old friend.

Past – We find out more about our characters…um…character as they deal with ordinary life stuff.

F0314 – “That Stands For Pool”

Posted October 19, 2009

Future – In the wake of the events of Ep13, some of Allison’s history at Palmdale; Brandi’s time on leave in Topanga.

Past – None. Flashbacks only.

F0315 – “Standing on Melting Ice”

Posted October 31, 2009

Future – The era of John Connor has begun…though not everyone is aware of it.

Past – Kaliba’s patience is ending as they seek to take control of the variables to their plans.

F0316 – “We Know Why”

Posted November 11, 2009

Future – General Perry asks the Resistance to take on a task that seems unreasonable. John thinks it can be done. Will his plan prevail?

Past – None.

F0317 – “Of Course You Realize”

Posted November 25, 2009

Future – After a string of victories, John Connor is shaken when Skynet fights back.

Past – None.

F0318 – “Whereabouts Unknown”

Posted December 7, 2009

Future – John finds his increased responsibilities tested as Skynet continues its attacks, allies go missing, allies fight him, and a potential ally is found.

Past – None. Flashbacks only.

F0319 – “Any Blame or Fault”

Posted December 20, 2009

Future – Continuing from episode eighteen, John is ramping up for a fight. Trouble is, Skynet seems to have a similar idea. It’s all made more complicated by missing friends and new allies. Is John ready to be in this stressful position?

Past – None.

F0320 – “Battle of Avila Beach, Part 1”

Posted January 3, 2010

Future – John’s Big Damn Battle for Serrano. Will Skynet crush Connor, or will John cement his reputation?

Past – None.

F0321 – “Battle of Avila Beach, Part 2”

Posted January 17, 2010

Future – John’s Big Damn Battle for Serrano concludes. Will Skynet crush Connor, or will John cement his reputation?

Past – None.

F0322 – “No One Is Ever Safe”

Posted January 28, 2010

Future – Skynet has some surprises for John Connor. It’s one thing to fight for territory, it’s another entirely to try and hold it.

Past – She may be weak, but Sarah will not stop…because they never do.

Season 4

F0401 – “Chronicle”

Posted February 10, 2010

In the third season finale, John was faced not only with Brandi and Skynet’s plan for Serrano, but also a terminator with John in its sights. Those mysteries are resolved as the desperate battle to save humanity continues.

F0402 – “Neu Insights”

Posted February 23, 2010

John’s new allies become a more obvious presence. The stakes grow as John & Cameron and Skynet & Brandi continue to focus on each other.

F0403 – “Rolling D30”

Posted March 8, 2010

John expands his pool of fighters while also testing Skynet’s vulnerabilities. Brandi makes her own alliance that’s sure to spell trouble for John.

F0404 – “The Grasp of Charybdis”

Posted March 22, 2010

Apparently not everyone is happy about John using T0Ks. Allison’s condition sparks discussions about life.

F0405 – “Generating Heat”

Posted April 3, 2010

Brandi’s latest attempt to do away with John and his little insurrection comes to a conclusion. Many gather when Allison needs medical attention. Skynet and John know that a showdown is nigh…and Brandi again wants to tip the odds in Skynet’s favor.

F04S1 – “Fate”

Posted April 15, 2010

John vs Skynet. Of course, Brandi will never make it that simple.
The completion of season 4 of TCW doesn’t mean that there isn’t more stuff to share. Those extra bits will find a home here.First, I want to link to the posts that started all of this: the quick fanfics I wrote during Season 2 that were the first script-formatted writing I’d done in quite a while. If these little vignettes hadn’t been written, I’d never have given serious consideration to doing TCW. Needless to say, they aren’t part of TCW canon as they precede that project. So without further ado…

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like To See (Part 1) – John and Cameron Parting; John, Derek, Cameron, and Some Truth

Posted December 7, 2008

Two sequences. 1) A scene that’s sort of an amalgam of several ideas mix-mastered together. It would be the last, or nearly the last, time that future-John and Cameron would be together. 2) John has two supposed allies from the future—neither of whom is giving him any useful intelligence or corroborating those few items that do get said.

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like To See (Part 2) – Cam and Cat

Posted January 1, 2009

Cameron and Catherine meet…and not for the first time.

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like To See (Part 3) – John’s Work Camp Escape

Posted January 7, 2009

Longer story about how our John escaped from a Skynet Work Camp.

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like to See (Part 4) – Promise

Posted March 3, 2009

How did Cameron manage to become John’s ally in the future? [This is the piece that allowed me to even consider doing TCW. Without this, no TCW.]

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like to See (Part 5) – Veritas

Posted March 11, 2009

What if that last scene between John and Riley in “Ourselves Alone” had played out differently?

TTSCC Scenes I’d Like to See (Part 6) – Yes

Posted April 5, 2009

A scene that’s another take on Cameron and Catherine’s first meeting.
And now…TCW stuff. Some are deleted scenes, some short, some new episodes. As long as “To be continued…” is at the end of this, I still have new stories still to come, but I need time to write them, so they’ll come when they come.

Extra01 – “Ghost Message”

Posted May 20, 2010

A little 4-page sequence so I could finally have a scene with Riley Dawson in it.

Extra02 – “Fate” (alternate ending pages)

Posted July 18, 2010

The ending that would have happened had the side that won in “Fate” actually lost.

EXTRA03 – First Draft: “A Thousand Miles”

Posted September 16, 2010

Stepping back to the beginning. The first draft before I replaced the Sarah storyline with what ended up in the posted version.

EXTRA04 – “Allison Wonderland”

Posted January 2, 2011

Obviously if an older-but-wiser Allison comes from the future back to Sarah’s time, hijinx are bound to ensue. Such is the case here.

To be continued…

To those wondering: No, I haven’t yet stopped writing TCW stories; I just don’t know when or how many. Whatever I come up with will be posted here as usual. Stay tuned.

The Connors Chronicles

Lumir Janku, who helped me with season 4, has chosen to take TCW and continue it into a season 5 and more. While I have no connection with his project, I’d be very remiss in not pointing you over to The Connors Chronicles (http://tcc.lumir.net)–which starts off where TCW stopped. It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Fanfic Writer’s Room

So you don’t get ahead of yourself if you’re reading this along with the scripts, I’ll insert a note between links showing where eps were posted. This would be the same order that the scripts and Writer’s Room posts were available when they were first appearing. As the scripts pile up, you’ll notice there’s an area where there are fewer Writer’s Room posts per episode. At this point in the process, I’d moved a lot of the discussion over to the forum.

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 1 – Intro & Bible

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 2 – An Update and Some Early Spoilers

(F0301 – “A Thousand Miles”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 3 – The First Step

(F0302 – “Tempest Tossed”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 4 – Getting Into It

(F0303 – “I’ll See You Around, Connor”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 5 – The Season Unfolds

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 6 – The Scary Episode

(F0304 – “Without a Scorecard”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 7 – The Past is Nonlinear

(F0305 – “Mrs Worthington’s Formal Tea”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 8 – The Balancing Act

(F0306 – “Clutch”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 9 – Finished With the First Act

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 10 – The Video Blog…Ta Da!

(F0307 – “Resfest”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 11– New Birthday for Allison?

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 12 – About LG’s Blog Plus Spoilers

(F0308 – “Ties and Links”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 13 – Vlog on Rumors, Writing, Allison, and Why Future John

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 14 – Getting the Word Out

(F0309 – “Trail Mix”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 15 – Vlog on F0309 and Some Writing Stuff

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 16 – Quickies From the Interweb

(F0310 – “Tumbling From the Ski Jump”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 17 – Logo Time

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 18 – Tumbling Down the Vlog

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 19 – Tough Week

(F0311 – “A Green and Yellow Basket”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 20 – Half Done

(F0312 – “In Memory of Qin Shi Huang”)

(F0313 – “Sharper Than a Terminator’s Truth”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 21 – Patience Rewarded

(F0314 – “That Stands For Pool”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 22 – Return of the Fancasts

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 23 – Talking About Episode 14 (Podcast)

(F0315 – “Standing on Melting Ice”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 24 – Episode 15 Stuff (Podcast)

(F0316 – “We Know Why”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 25 – Episode 16 Reasons Why (Podcast)

(F0317 – “Of Course You Realize”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 26 – Episode 17 Body Count (Podcast)

(F0318 – “Whereabouts Unknown”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 27 – In the Time Bubble

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 28 – Talkin’ About Ep18 and Other Stuff (Podcast)

(F0319 – “Any Blame or Fault”)

(F0320 – “Battle of Avila Beach, Part 1″)

(F0321 – “Battle of Avila Beach, Part 2″)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 29 – Reflections

(F0322 – “No One Is Ever Safe”)

(F0401 – “Chronicle”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 30 – The Fourth Season

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 31 – Pancakes and Cameron Humor

(F0402 – “Neu Insights”)

(F0403 – “Rolling D30″)

(F0404 – “The Grasp of Charybdis”)
The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 32 – Transparency

(F0405 – “Generating Heat”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 33 – The Cam and Cat Factors

(F04S1 – “Fate”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 34 – Ask Your Questions in the Comments

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 35 – That Was Nifty

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 36 – Vlog: Q and A

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 37 – Vlog: More Q and A

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 38 – Bits and Pieces

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 39 – Flotsam and Jetsam

(EXTRA01 – “Ghost Message”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 40 – Tech Choices

(EXTRA02 – “Fate” (alternate ending pages))

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 41 – How To Do It

(EXTRA03 – First Draft: “A Thousand Miles”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 42 – Six Months Done…Or Am I?

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 43 – Thinking About Cam and Ali

(EXTRA04 – “Allison Wonderland”)

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 44 – Extra04

The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 45 – Nuclear Reality Imitating Art

I also encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the various blogs connected to Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles that I have written (quick link). Some were speculations during the run of the series, some are reviews, and some are more academic, musing on the possibilities that robots, AI, and cyborgs represent. Of course, you can also search the site for other topics as well…maybe you’ll see something you like.


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