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The Green Thing

Those of you on Twitter have probably seen this or something like it:
“Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click -“I was asked why my picture wasn’t green (it wasn’t an antagonistic asking but simply an inquiry).


More Summer Glau Polling

Well, around the ‘net, Summer Glau continues to impress—those of us who have been fans for years are hardly surprised…we’ve been impressed for quite a while, now.


Terminator Fans Are a Force in End-of-season Polls

It’s been interesting to watch this year’s round of Poll-ballot-stuffing a/k/a which bubble show should be saved surveys. Every season, the passionate fans of a series band together and do their level best to flood sites with just as many votes as possible.


The 10 Best TTSCC Episodes (through 22)

We finally have a full season order’s worth of episodes in the can for Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I can think of no better time to make up my list of the best episodes so far. Plus – vote for your favorites.


Let’s Standardize on a Reliable Voting Method

There is still quite the pastiche of voting methods around the country…even within states. Clearly the situation is ripe for some misbehavin’. I’d like to think that if there were a national voting machine standard, then it would be easier to manage and verify elections. It’s time that America gets its electoral house in order, if only because


Let’s Rename “New Mexico”

I’ve thought about this for quite a while. The name of the 47th state of the union, New Mexico, needs to be changed. Why? First, it’s a little awkward…all those syllables. More, it encourages the on-going