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Creating a Good Female Superhero For Hollywood

You hear the lament all the time about how Hollywood can’t make a good female superhero movie/television show. While not exactly true, the fact remains that Hollywood is much less persistent in seeking a successful formula here than it does with the male superheroes.


Flash TV Review: The Cape

NBC premiered its new superhero show, The Cape, in a two-episode push. Did they succeed in creating a graphic-novel milieu sufficient to keep people tuning in week to week?


Armchair Script Doc: Supergirl

We watch a movie featuring one of our favorite actors and it simply doesn’t quite work. I find that most of the time the problems can be traced back to the shooting script (not necessarily the script the writer actually intended). The movie I’m taking a look at this time: Supergirl (1984)


Rebooting Wonder Woman?

The surprising geeky news of the week came with the announcement of a planned reboot of the Wonder Woman franchise, not as a movie but as a television series. The latest development golden boy is hyphenate, David E. Kelley. You know that I have some thoughts on this.


Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

Normally I wouldn’t put an item up that wasn’t still easily gotten, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest to any Wonder Woman fan that they buy “Spirit of Truth” while there are still copies to be had.