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Rediscovering the Fountain Pen and Penmanship

I’ve missed using a fountain pen. After decades of longing, I finally bought another one…an inexpensive one. To go along with that, I’ve also been practicing to revive my long-abandoned skills with cursive writing. In a way, it makes me feel more “writerly”.


Not a Fashion Plate

For much of my life, it seems, many people have had an opinion on my personal style (or lack thereof). One of the perks of getting older is that as each decade goes by, the comments have grown fewer. I don’t think it’s because people’s opinions have weakened, I think they either have given up hope or have reluctantly accepted my little eccentricities.


Method or Madness?

When it comes to acting, I’m not a fan of “The Method”. While I sort of agree with the concept of it, the fact is that I think it has hurt American acting (especially) more than it has helped.