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Rediscovering the Fountain Pen and Penmanship

I’ve missed using a fountain pen. After decades of longing, I finally bought another one…an inexpensive one. To go along with that, I’ve also been practicing to revive my long-abandoned skills with cursive writing. In a way, it makes me feel more “writerly”.


Don’t Write What You Know

Before I read a lot of scripts and stories from new writers, I never realized that English teachers have done a great disservice to young people learning to write. These instructors say, “Write what you know.” Poppycock.


Other Scripts I’d Love to Write

I love to write, especially screenplays, so as you can guess, I have tons of stuff I’d like to write. Some things are special: either held close to the vest by their owners, or simply not easily gotten even if you have a name and rep. Like many screenwriters, I’d love to take a crack at them.


TCW Compilations

As I wrote The Connor Wars, I posted scripts on a more-or-less consistent schedule. By necessity that meant I posted each script on its own. True, while I threaded them together so you could read them in order, and provided a home page for you to access them at your whim, there was still one thing left to do that I’ve held off doing until now: a compilation.