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4 Ways to Improve the WNBA Video Experience

When you can’t go to a game, you have to find it on some channel or on the Internet. The WNBA continues to work at bringing its games to fans across the country and the globe. They’ve done well, but they could do better.


The SNOT Approach To Clearing Space Debris

With the total number of objects both large and small in Earth orbit increasing by the year, the chance of more collisions is constantly on the rise. It is long past the time that we need to deal with the problem. I think the best plan is to start with something low-tech: snot.


Let’s Calculate Television Program Ratings a New Way

The time has come to stop depending on the statistical few to have the same tastes as the variety of viewers across the country. When they are picking from half-a-dozen choices, that might have had some merit, but when picking from about 1,000 choices, those 5,000 Nielsen families seem woefully under-representative. With just a new twist with available technology, there can be upwards of 200,000,000 votes as to what is worthy of being on the air and what isn’t. Whether watched live on DTV, or a week later off your laptop’s hard-drive, you can tell the powers that be that you are watching.