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The Blog-slowdown Dog Days of Summer

A few of you have told me you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting to the blog as often as you’d become accustomed to. That’s totally mea culpa. I got enough piled on my life-plate that I needed to find some slack somewhere.


Don’t Write What You Know

Before I read a lot of scripts and stories from new writers, I never realized that English teachers have done a great disservice to young people learning to write. These instructors say, “Write what you know.” Poppycock.


Let’s Talk “Que Será Serees”

Barring disaster, my science fiction novel, Que Será Serees, will be released in early May. It is being prepped to be available for sale both in a print version and an ebook version for the Kindle so you’re free to pick your preferred format.


Hunk of Text Cut From QSS Revision

As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, I’ve been diligently working on revising my novel, Que Sera Serees, so it’s in fine shape when I release it on Kindle. If it seems like it’s taken a while…well, there is a good reason for that


Because I Can’t Not Write

As a result of my Connor Wars project, I often get asked, “Why?” What do I expect to get out of writing more than a season’s worth of scripts for a show that doesn’t exist anymore?


Does Your Novel Have a Soundtrack?

This week’s group blog assignment poses the question: Does your novel have a soundtrack? This is not an inconsequential question for a writer, but to many readers this may seem bizarre.