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Let’s Talk “Que Será Serees”

Barring disaster, my science fiction novel, Que Será Serees, will be released in early May. It is being prepped to be available for sale both in a print version and an ebook version for the Kindle so you’re free to pick your preferred format.


Mankind’s Next Evolutionary Step – Cyborgs and Robots?

I’ve been devoting a fair amount of thought to how humanity will be able to extend its reach beyond our planet and solar system. Even if we solved all of our local problems and could survive for an indefinite time on our planet, the fact is that the universe has a gun pointed at us. Whether it’s due to our aging sun or the impending collision with our neighboring galaxy, our time on Earth has an expiration date. How can we beat this cosmic clock and endure?


The Necessity of Leaving Earth Within 2 Billion Years

The timeline for human life is finite. If we don’t kill ourselves off, or totally deplete our planet, then we have only about 2+ billion years to find a way to continue on with our species. That’s much shorter than is often thought, so we clearly must adjust our timetables for the need to develop a means to not only live outside our solar system, but our galaxy.