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Killing Time With “Switched at Birth”

I do something that is common to a lot of writers: when I’m not writing on one of my own projects, I often spend some of my free time working on fantasy projects. These projects are ones that for various reasons I can’t take on as my own. Right now, I find my imagination has been captured by the new show, Switched at Birth.


Don’t Write What You Know

Before I read a lot of scripts and stories from new writers, I never realized that English teachers have done a great disservice to young people learning to write. These instructors say, “Write what you know.” Poppycock.


Hunk of Text Cut From QSS Revision

As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, I’ve been diligently working on revising my novel, Que Sera Serees, so it’s in fine shape when I release it on Kindle. If it seems like it’s taken a while…well, there is a good reason for that


Armchair Script Doc: Supergirl

We watch a movie featuring one of our favorite actors and it simply doesn’t quite work. I find that most of the time the problems can be traced back to the shooting script (not necessarily the script the writer actually intended). The movie I’m taking a look at this time: Supergirl (1984)