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Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod (TED)

Something that I rail against is the abhorrent greed shown by the entertainment industries. It’s really amazing that they are in business at all given that (according to their armies of accountants and lawyers) nothing ever actually makes money.


It’s Been an Interesting Day For Freedom of Speech

The United States government has a long history of considering, if not passing and creatively interpreting, some really poopy-headed laws. From the Alien and Sedition Acts, to the Dred Scott Decision, to SOPA and PIPA; the Congress and Supreme Court of the United States are sometimes the most dangerous groups of people in the country when it comes to how we communicate ideas.


The Wisdom of Public Web Photo Sharing

After a few false starts over the years, I’ve finally committed to self-hosting any pictures I share on the socnets. This doesn’t mean that there will be no photos of mine out in the interwebverse–some need to be out there for marketing purposes–but most won’t be. Why? One simple phrase: “Terms of Service” (ToS)