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Other Scripts I’d Love to Write

I love to write, especially screenplays, so as you can guess, I have tons of stuff I’d like to write. Some things are special: either held close to the vest by their owners, or simply not easily gotten even if you have a name and rep. Like many screenwriters, I’d love to take a crack at them.


Comic-Con – Victim of Its Own Success?

With Comic-Con sprouting again in San Diego in ’09, I can’t help feel like this year is different. I’ve had this sense before with other sorts of conventions. Has Comic-Con’s popularity caused it to meet their fate?


25 Superpowers… Which To Choose?

It seems to happen a least a few times every month. You are tending to your mundane business and then someone comes up to you and inquires as to your preference in superpowers. They never say if they are offering, polling, or something equally as dubious. I found out the hard way that it’s good to be prepared. I’m going to present my commentary on a variety of superpowers and which I’ve come to favor (you can vote on your preferences at the end of the blog).