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Humpty Dumpty – A Good Egg?

Just about every book of nursery rhymes with the Humpty Dumpty poem shows an anthropomorphic egg sitting on an imposing partition before ending up as a shattered shell and soon-to-be-omelet at the foot of the wall. Lies!


My Causes

There is only just so much time in a life, and there are more than enough causes for several lifetimes. Out of necessity, we pick and chose the battles we are the most willing to fight…even (or perhaps especially) if a winning outcome is not assured. These are mine.


Was It Easier Being a Kid?

I was watching some children in the neighborhood playing. Some were doing something with a ball. Others (this was weird) were sitting at the curb texting. Now, while I’m happy that they are apparently at least somewhat literate, at least enough for texting, I couldn’t help but wonder if something gets lost?


Sex and the Single Cyborg

In a world where the machines are in charge, the old ways of making babies are dead. The intelligent machines will want to continue their reign. Being made out of metal and all…how are they going to do that? How could they possibly be fruitful and multiply?


In Praise of the Innocent Ignorance of Youth

Sometimes when I’m in a lively discussion with older people like myself, they seem surprised that I stand out in support of today’s youth. They complain about how they are directionless and irresponsible. They label them as lazy or as hooligans who will bring about the end of civilization. It makes me chuckle.


I’ll Have a DLT, Please

I think that in all of my years, my DLTs are the most unexpected and happiest surprises in my life. I’ve not had children of my own, but I can’t imagine that I would have loved them any more than this trio of ladies.