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Let’s Talk “Que Será Serees”

Barring disaster, my science fiction novel, Que Será Serees, will be released in early May. It is being prepped to be available for sale both in a print version and an ebook version for the Kindle so you’re free to pick your preferred format.


Hunk of Text Cut From QSS Revision

As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, I’ve been diligently working on revising my novel, Que Sera Serees, so it’s in fine shape when I release it on Kindle. If it seems like it’s taken a while…well, there is a good reason for that


Does Your Novel Have a Soundtrack?

This week’s group blog assignment poses the question: Does your novel have a soundtrack? This is not an inconsequential question for a writer, but to many readers this may seem bizarre.


Swirling Tides of Media Change

The Internet continues to force content creators and IP-hoarders to re-imagine the future of their business models. The trouble is…no one knows where it’s all heading.