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We’ll know that we’ve created artificial intelligence the moment we realize that we’ve also created artificial stupidity. That revelation might be delayed a bit, however, as natural stupidity is so pervasive and we seem to lack adequate filters.
CJ Carter

→ April 8, 2012

Believe – Part 3, Having Vision

Any intelligence is effectively useless without an ability to perceive that which is external to the intelligence. The key to vision isn’t the how of image gathering, but the processing and interpretation of the images gathered.


Mankind’s Next Evolutionary Step – Cyborgs and Robots?

I’ve been devoting a fair amount of thought to how humanity will be able to extend its reach beyond our planet and solar system. Even if we solved all of our local problems and could survive for an indefinite time on our planet, the fact is that the universe has a gun pointed at us. Whether it’s due to our aging sun or the impending collision with our neighboring galaxy, our time on Earth has an expiration date. How can we beat this cosmic clock and endure?


Sex and the Single Cyborg

In a world where the machines are in charge, the old ways of making babies are dead. The intelligent machines will want to continue their reign. Being made out of metal and all…how are they going to do that? How could they possibly be fruitful and multiply?


Skynet Prevails, Victory is Won!

It took almost thirty years, but the inevitable war of attrition finally resulted in Skynet breaking the fighting will of the humans. The cost to robotics was high but proved to be sustainable in the end. Skynet can finally relax. To what end? With the war over, what’s next on Skynet’s agenda?