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Kerbal Space Program review – PC Gamer

“One small step for sims, or a giant leap for PC gaming?”

Source: Kerbal Space Program review – PC Gamer

(This is the first computer game I’ve played in decades. It brings me back to a time long-long-ago when I had to worry about this stuff for real. I love tooling around the Kerbal system, exploring, building stations, setting up bases. So. Much. Fun. — CJ)


CJCS Video: CJ Roundhand

After I posted a popular video on how to Improve Your Cursive Handwriting, I got a number of comments asking for a sample page of my everyday writing script. Because of other projects it took a while, but with those finished, I finally got a chance to put a video and sample sheet together.


Android Me On Sale

“The time has come,” our CJ said, “To talk of publishment: Of tales, and sales, and tech travails, Of books, both e- and print…” It’s time, folks. Android Me is now officially available for sale. For now, the book is available only at Amazon (in the US and other countries) in both print and Kindle editions.