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If lead leads lead, it will soon be said that lead led lead although none of the led lead led, only the lead lead led. CJ Carter

→ December 20, 2015

A thing produced by humans has two meanings: the original one intended upon its creation, and the evolved one currently held in the public’s opinion.
CJ Carter

→ September 6, 2014

Freedom is priceless but too often comes at great cost from those who value nothing of worth.

CJ Carter

→ December 14, 2013

If you are so jaded that you are jaded by jadedness, do you level up to being emeralded? Turquoised? → April 1, 2013

Loyalty isn’t bought, it’s earned — and when it’s earned, we buy.

CJ Carter

→ March 30, 2013

I read the headline: “Cardinals prepare to elect a new pope”. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Reds might steal the series or that maybe the Padres might manage to sneak win in a back-to-back double-header.

Since the only actual qualifications for being named pope are being a baptized Catholic and having a Y chrome, I sit here worried of what might happen since the church never had the foresight to excommunicate me. I don’t much want to have to live in Rome. I have nothing personally against it, but you know the saying “When in Rome…”?, I hate being told what to do. However, if I should win, after I thank the academy, I think my first order of business would have to be to exchange the miter for a definiter, as I don’t want to seem wishy-washy. Second: name David Bowie as a cardinal so we could put on our red shoes and dance the blues. (Yeah, I bet they’re really sorry they didn’t have the foresight to excommunicate me :-)