S&L Sad News, But Maybe Not Forever

I”m sad that Sword & Laser is ending its run on Geek & Sundry. That and Table Top are the only G&S shows I eagerly anticipate (also the Flog when it isn’t yet another Felicia-and-Robin-try-to-make-a-food-thing-from-instructions installment). Hopefully, Veronica and Tom will find another venue for the video version of S&L to continue.

In the Goodreads forum, Tom wrote:

Yes there are things that can be done and we are doing them. And they involve all the tings you say. It just means a break in the video shows for awhile, but hopefully *fingers crossed* not forever. Whether it’s by a Kickstarter, another network, or something else entirely, all has to be figured out still.

Video is hard!

Between the writing and the art, I don’t generally have a lot of time to read a large swath of books. Sword and Laser was a godsend of  genre connections (plus getting to see the occasional friend being interviewed). Yes, there is the podcast, but Aspie little me doesn’t process audio nearly as well as visual so I have to work a lot harder without the video.

The current episode:

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