Religious Freedom?

Lots of self-identified religious folk in the U.S. whine about religious freedom…or rather how they are being persecuted/denied that freedom. They don’t notice that almost all the hospitals are named for saints or christian denominations. They don’t notice the Muslim students ostracized for their (sometimes only perceived) ethnicity and daily exercises of faith. They don’t hear the slurs directed at the kid wearing a yarmulka. They stare and whisper about the bearded man wearing a turban. They cast aspersions at the person whose faith is based on the same foundation as theirs but isn’t arbitrarily “close enough” to being like theirs.

The day we can talk about religious freedom is when a new president can be sworn in with their hand on a Book of Shadows and no one takes much notice. Until then, it’s important to consider: who, exactly, are the ones being persecuted?

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