NerdTests Proves It: I’m Very Much a Nerd

A few years ago, I took one of those silly (but amazingly accurate) online tests to evaluate my nerdiness. It told me I was a “Slightly Dorky Nerd God”. You can well imagine that I beamed with pride (but didn’t beam up with Kitty Pryde…which would have been awesome). I stumbled upon the site again and wondered what a few more years had wrought.

As you can see, I have been promoted to full-blown dorkiness. I attribute this step in my ascension to the higher realms of the nerd pantheon to my embracing of the Twitter.

As a Nerd God (dorky), I will rule benevolently and with a velvet fist. Bowing and/or curtsying in my presence will not be necessary (though appreciated). Kneeling will, of course, still be compulsory — after all, we must maintain our standards.

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