Forum in Transition

The Forum has been locked, i.e. made read-only. The reason: I’m planning on changing my default forum to bbPress. I have been running SimplePress (SPF), but I find it a bit cumbersome to administer (very Joomla-like) and it requires manual installation of updates, which is not the norm for most WordPress plugins. Since I’m not running a bulletin board site, I don’t need the hassle when there is an easier alternative. With bbPress 2.0 almost officially released, I’m now testing it behind the scenes.

The reason I’m locking the forum instead of migrating it to bbPress is because there is no easy way to move a SPF forum to bbPress, and I simply don’t have the free time to write one at the moment. It would be so much easier if SPF had an export option but it doesn’t. C’est la vie. In the interim, I don’t want to eliminate access to all of the discussion that ensued while The Connor Wars was being written, so I simply locked the forum.

The new forum will be up soon. I’ll keep you updated.

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