Hunk of Text Cut From QSS Revision

As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, I’ve been diligently working on revising my novel, Que Sera Serees, so it’s in fine shape when I release it on Kindle. If it seems like it’s taken a while…well, there is a good reason for that: I cut the previous 118,000 word novel down to about 95,000 words.Basically, it’s one-fifth lighter than it was. From what I’ve heard from my proofreader, it’s an easier read. If that holds true all the way through, then yay me.

Of course it isn’t all just about the manuscript text. There is also all the other stuff: blurbs, synopses, and the most obvious thing: the cover. I’ve got one preliminary cover mock-up done that I like. I’m working on others, but they’ll have to really wow me to supplant the first one.

I’ve mentioned before that I used some of the ideas from this novel when I was writing The Connor Wars. So, it’s safe for you to assume that this is an action story. It should also be noted that, unlike TCW, I didn’t have to make any promises about not doing away with any specific characters. Take that for what you will. In any case, I’m pretty sure that if you enjoyed TCW, you’ll enjoy this story. One unique thing about this book: it’s the novel where I developed and used the ey/eir/em pronouns. If ever there was a place to see them used in the original context, this is it.

When will this be released? Other than “soon”, I can’t say. I’d like to release it for Kindle purchase before the end of April 2011. I may also make a print edition for those preferring the more traditional bound paper thingies. I’ll keep you updated as to what’s going on with all of this when publishing draws nigh.

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