The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 42 – Six Months Done…Or Am I?

It’s been about six months since I finished up season 4 of The Connor Wars. Since I’ve obviously not been posting about that as much as I was, I thought y’all might like a bit of an update.

Personally, I’m still sort of recovering from the experience. As I’ve mentioned, it was a long year, at times physically and creatively very difficult, but it’s also the most fun my brain has every had–certainly for that amount of time. I do miss being completely immersed in that world. The only thing comparable is being involved so deeply in a programming project that your mind never really leaves cyberspace, even when you take a break. (BTW, that’s also a very fun experience if you get to do it.)

I have no idea what the status is of any season 5. That’s out of my hands.

That said, I don’t mean to suggest that I’m not working on more TCW stuff. I have a good three different stories I’d like to tell. One I’m trying to develop into a full episode. It might not make it there if I can’t get all the pieces in place, but I’m working on it. There are also a few partials (a scene or more but less than a full ep) on the white board that are nattering at me to let them come out and play. Since I want to play, too, I plan on getting these things written and posted when I get the chance.

When might that chance be? It’s difficult to say. I’m very much in artist mode, and the time I had been spent writing TCW is now devoted toward committing random acts of art. It uses different brain parts, so it’s difficult to quickly shift from doing one thing to the other. Both tend to suffer.

I want to make one thing very clear: I’m not writing another season. I gave y’all a year for free. What is in the works are stand-alones. Some are TCW-canonical. Some are semi-canonical. Many of the ideas, though, are TCW-fanfic2 (i.e. fanfic of the fanfic). I don’t want to needlessly be tied to my continuity if there are still good stories to be told outside of it. I’ll be sure to label the releases as to what they are.

Many TCW readers still write asking what if anything will become of the scripts. Honestly, that’s not up to me. If you want new filmed TSCC stories in general, or TCW stories specifically, or me to have a creative voice in any of it, you need to let the people with actual clout know (I did the part I know how to do). How to accomplish any of that I leave as an exercise to the reader.

Obviously, I’m not quite ready to let this puppy go. Right now it’s like–I got to play in the playground, but now I’m locked indoors and can only see it through a window. I want to play some more. These characters were my “reality”. I want to have fun with them again. After all–some of them are still alive (evil grin).

So…I haven’t packed up my TCW tent just yet. There will still be stories popping up from here from time to time. Stay tuned…

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