TCW Compilations

As I wrote The Connor Wars, I posted scripts on a more-or-less consistent schedule. By necessity that meant I posted each script on its own. True, while I threaded them together so you could read them in order, and provided a home page for you to access them at your whim, there was still one thing left to do that I’ve held off doing until now: a compilation.

Obviously part of the reason I haven’t is because I just happen to have a website, here, and I enjoy it when you come a visiting. It’s very neighborly of you. When you come by for a script or two at a time, you might see another story that happens to catch your eye. Or you’ll scroll down and take a look at the discussion for that episode; maybe you’ll even hop on over to the forum to read the discussions there. You might even want to post a comment or ask a question yourself.

So yeah, I have a bit of a vested interest.

Even so, some of you have asked if I’d make the episodes available in a compilation for easier downloading. I think I probably should. And so, here they are:

I will request that if you do download the compilations that you also come on back to read some of the discussions. Because of the nature of the project, sometimes there were moments that the first readers had questions/issues with. Those are still in the scripts, so diving into the discussions will likely answer your questions…and maybe provoke a few more of your own.

Oh, and also…if you like these, please spread the word and link back to the TCW home ( so that more new readers can try out the story for themselves. People are coming to this story all the time, and it’s largely through the efforts of fans like you. Thanks for that.

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