The Connor Wars EXTRA01 – “Ghost Message”

The Connor Wars - logo 3a 360Here is an extra little something I’ve written for The Connor Wars. The fanfic that picked up where the second season finale of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles left off.

As I disclaim on the title page, this is just meant to be a bit of fannish fun in the long spirit of the various fan communities. I’m not intending to step on any toes.

Ghost Message

This is just a small 4-page sequence I dashed off. It takes place sometime not long removed from the events of F04S1 – “Fate”.

It’s annoyed me for a while that I couldn’t find a place for Riley in the run of TCW. There was simply too much going on for the character to fit in without being gratuitous. Still, I wanted at least a scene somewhere. So, here it is. A scene with Riley as we remember her.

I’m viewing this as semi-canon. It’s tied into the TCW-verse, but if needs be it can be ignored.

(With the size it is, and if it didn’t do it automagically, the PDF seems to read easier if you zoom to 66.7% and then scroll the text horizontally so it’s centered.)

Oh, and before I get emails about this. The PDF file I generated has the setting to allow people to print out the script turned off. If you are having trouble with the plug-in, click here.

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