The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 37 – Vlog: More Q and A

There have been more questions since the Q&A of Writer’s Room 36. Here are some answers (because that’s just the sort of guy I am):

Video 11

In the scripts we only get an age description for what some of the regular T0Ks look like. I was wondering if you had in your own imagination a more specific appearance for some of them?

When I was asking about Cameron’s spare-body and her self, I was curious why you’ve choose to strike her in the head (actually jaw, as we’ve learned later), rather than any other part of her easy replaceable body? Was it just to rise the cliffhanger tension at the end of episode?

You’ve also touched by yourself on “other people who were in the series” and was not included in TCW. And gave us a thorough explanation on Riley but didn’t even slightly touched Cheri Westin. Have you any suggestions or guesses on who she was? (Because she really seemed like someone, who is aware of coming future and its threats).

Video 12

In your set of answers you mentioned that the tech for MPA was a fair way off from the current timeline, yet in T2 the 1000 prototype was a Skynet created and programmed model. What’s the cause for the difference? Too many changes caused by time travellers?

Since T0Ks can presumably live for 100s of years, you’d think that most of the stuff Clio “discovered” would have been more easily found out just by interviewing the T0Ks who were there at the time; Cameron especially, as well as John’s surviving bodyguard, Goodnow, et al, not to mention Catherine Weaver. The infected ones especially would have survived the nuclear attack. What gives?

Video 13

What’s with the Big-brother like setting for Clio’s reports? Dark room with a spotlight chair, barcode IDs, endo guard, etc… Doesn’t sound like any kind of academic presentation to me – more like a prisoner interrogation. I realize the goal was to keep the readers guessing as to whether or not this was a Skynet future, but given that it wasn’t, how does it fit?

As Moss *was* betraying John’s side to Brandi, why didn’t he give her the T0K chips as well? Lingering guilt, or some other reason?

What was the purpose of the cotton that Moss traded the T0Ks for?

Regarding Andy, Brandi was keeping him a big secret from everyone else throughout most of the series (even from Skynet perhaps?), but in the finale, he’s there in the briefing room with the other Skynet staff. Did I miss something, or was the explanation of his change of status just left on the cutting-room floor (so to speak)?

Video 14

Re: the relationship between Savannah and T-Weaver, there seems to be an “Elephant in the Room” that never gets mentioned. That is, as an adult, Savannah would surely realize (or at least suspect) that T-Weaver murdered her real mother. Maybe it’s meant to be implied that she forgave her, but it seems very strange to me that something as important as that was never mentioned directly, or caused any emotional fallout, after Savannah meets T-Weaver again for the first time since she was a child.

Did Catherine change her mind about accompanying John to the final battle, or did she always intend to tag along without his knowledge?

Video 15

Over the course of TCW, we saw the (other) T0Ks go from acting much like Cameron (i.e. very terminator-y) to acting almost completely human. So, what’s your take on the ultimate difference (if any) between human and machine intelligence in the TCW universe? Do you have an opinion on this in the real world as well?

Video 16

What has been happening around the world during the span of TCW?

The Jameron issue – What are John and Cameron actually feeling?

MY favorite scripts.

More to come as needed…

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