The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 34 – Ask Your Questions in the Comments

As I expected, there are a lot of questions getting asked. Many of them I’ve expected. Some are new.

Since I’m now in a place where there aren’t spoilers I need to be wary about, please ask away. It can be about the finale or anything about the series. I’ll answer what I know.

So they are all in one place, please put them in the comments section of this post.

Some questions already on the block just about the finale (some have already been answered, but I’ll answer them again):

  • Why didn’t Catherine kill Brandi? (This is the 2nd most often-asked question.)
  • How can it be that Catherine is Clio’s grandmother? (This is the most often-asked question.)
  • It seems in the end Catherine’s main goal really was simply a T0K + MPA + human integrated world, but John was convinced at the start that she was keeping more secrets. Were there any real secrets beyond what you’ve discussed before about her simply willing to just keep trying and trying again until she gets the future she wants? (the Sqonk)
  • the finale was great, but one thing bothered me: skynet wants to help us? skynet wants to keep the human race in nature perserves? why? why does it care? (hezi)
  • How come that you’ve decided not to include this huge and overdramatic “villain agony scene”? (itypograf)
  • And what made you not to kill anyone from the “final six”? (itypograf)
  • And was it intentional or unintentional that John was the only male among them?(itypograf)
  • Do you have a map of the are surrounding Excelsior mountain? (deant)
  • Is there definitely going to be a Season 5 by Lumir Janku? When and where should we fans be looking out for it? (deant)
  • John & Cameron stayed alive, how did they escape from Excelsior Facility? (sLx)
  • Brandi survived with a blue case. What’s in it? (sLx)
  • Weaver had downloaded every Skynet file but in the Clio World, almost 100 years later there are no T-1000 entities. (sLx)
  • If Brandi is grand mother of Clio… So John Henry is her father? (Clio is a cyborg, not human, so she can’t be Savannah Weaver child). (sLx)
  • So CJ are T-100x models far from the known (TCC) future? Or there in the given timeline there was no need to create so advanced terminator? (sLx)

And I’m sure there are many more about other episodes that haven’t been asked, I was evasive about, or simply didn’t answer before. Or about the process. Or about some of the plot choices. Fire away.

I’ll answer what I know in soon-to-come posts/vlogs/podcasts.

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