The Connor Wars F04S1 – “Fate”

The Connor Wars - logo 3a 360Here is the twenty-eighth and final installment of The Connor Wars. The fanfic that picks up where the second season finale of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles left off.

As I disclaim on the title page, this is just meant to be a bit of fannish fun in the long spirit of the various fan communities. I’m not intending to step on any toes.


We’re here. After a year of writing, we’ve reached the last script (if you haven’t read the preceding scripts, you might want to start at the beginning, with F0301). As you’d expect, it’s time for John and Skynet to face off.

Because I felt that the end of this saga deserved more than just a 1-hour TV episode, I’m presenting this last visit as a screenplay–the equivalent of about 2-1/2 episodes. (Pace yourselves, OK? Instead of the usual 48-50 pages it’s 120 pages.)

And, since this is the final script, I cobbled together a poll for ranking your favorite TCW episodes. You need to be a logged-in user to take it: TCW Poll.

(With the size it is, and if it didn’t do it automagically, the PDF seems to read easier if you zoom to 66.7% and then scroll the text horizontally so it’s centered.)

Previous episode: F0405 – “Generating Heat”

Next episode: None. This is the end of series. But, if you want to go back to the beginning: F0301 – “A Thousand Miles” or you can check out TCW stuff that I’ve written since: EXTRAS


Oh, and before I get emails about this. The PDF file I generated has the setting to allow people to print out the script turned off. If you are having trouble with the plug-in, click here.

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