Healthcare, 3-d, and Still Writing

So much happens in the world. Everyday. There’s a person ready to either stand up for a cause or stamp it out for just about every event that happens. Some big, some small. Some should be no-brainers, some should be ignored at all costs. This post is about none of that. Just a couple of things on my mind at the moment.

Healthcare and the Massachusetts Vote

I’m not at all worried about the Healthcare bill wending its way through Congress. I don’t think it’s a good bill. This isn’t a bill of debated compromise. All in all, I think it actually makes things a little worse than doing nothing. Personally, I think nationalized health care is the only thing that works. I’ve written about that a few times.

Where the Massachusetts Senate seat change to a GOP butt matters is in all of the rest of the legislation. Don’t expect much helpful legislation this year.

Avatar and the Wonder of 3-d

I say that sarcastically. My stand is simple: until it can be viewed without the glasses, it’s a gimmick. There are a few reasons, which I’ll blog about when I’m able, but first and foremost: it’s no fun wearing two sets of glasses (says the optically myopic one).

More to the point of Avatar…I’m sorry, story aside I’m still not immersed with the computer graphics. It’s not that the detail isn’t stunning. It’s just that minute deviations from “reality” seem to really register with me. This is more in materials interaction and gravitational/inertial physics combined with the requisite chaos of nonlinear systems. It still looks computer-generated to me and that takes me out of the experience.

Words, Words, Words

I figure I have about 2-1/2 months left writing The Connor Wars. I’ve been writing with 1-2 days off a month since April 2009. Getting a little fatigued. I’m still enjoying it, but I have life stuff to take care of soon. House painting. Tree trimming. Wall mending. You know…life stuff. And making money again.

The year’s sabbatical has been lovely (and, as Ive often done this year, I thank my family for indulging me), but this project isn’t going to allow me to continue writing at this pace and still get done the other things I need to get done. (If a reader of the series would like to hire a road-weary but enthusiastic screenwriter…I’ll be totally unencumbered in about 10 weeks. I hear the franchise will be auctioned off soon. I’m already up to speed on the story [hint] [hint].)

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