The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 19 – Tough Week

This has been a long week in the writer’s room. Mostly that’s because for several days this wasn’t a writer’s room but a webmaster room. Having to deal with unexpectedly changing web hosts certainly threw a wrench into the usual monkeyworks.

In the aftermath of the on-going web silliness, some changes have been implemented. First, this web site has been majorly cached. As a result, you should be seeing a much faster, more responsive, site compared to before. Second, so as not to unduly stress my new host, I’ve been moving the video blogs so they are hosted on YouTube – though they will of course be embedded here. Vlogs 3 and 4 are there now. The remaining two will find their way there before too much longer.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve also been writing F0311. Despite the disruptions, I’m still hoping to release it on-time. At that point, the season will be at the halfway point. Amazing, isn’t it? And there is so much story left to tell.

A great big thanks to everyone who has been promoting this story and linking to it. If I wasn’t so busy writing and dealing with my current web issues, I’d be out there a little more myself…especially with the Save SCC campaign going on.

Major kudos to Alex for helping with the logos.

I mentioned in the last video blog that I’d try to treat you to a few spoilers. So, I’ll be ending with those.


As you all know

I try to add some

Buffer space

So those who are


Have a fair chance to

Abort before knowing

More than they want to know.

OK. That seems to be enough.

Remember…DO NOT discuss spoilers in the comments for this post. You need to go to the Connor Wars Spoiler Forum.

Since I subscribe to the “No one is ever safe” school of terminator writing, I would imagine that it’s reasonable for you to assume at least one major character not yet known to die will not make it to the end of the season.

We’ll discover that Allison knows when to tell the truth and when to lie.

Carrots and apples.

A whole lot of endos. A. Whole. Lot.

Remember that Episode 13 would be the last episode of a typical network up-front order. I told you that I like to write so that if a show doesn’t get the plus-9, you’ll still not feel cheated and left hanging if I’m writing it. Imagine the outcry if a network just stopped this show mid-season and I hadn’t done something that would make many rabid fans much relieved. That would be so wrong on so many levels.

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