The Unplanned Host Swap

On the evening of September 7, 2009, the domain was taken offline–without warning–by its web host. They sent me a note saying why, and that they were moving me to a “transitional” server so that there would be no down time (ha!). (Of course this sever was running the wrong versions of PHP, MySQL, etc., that I needed.) And then I heard nothing more…despite repeated attempts on my side.

I’ll put up with a lot, but being ignored by customer service is one of those things up with which I will not put.

September 8 saw me sign on with a different web host. As I write this, only TIB has been reinstalled. It’s missing the rating system and the three vlogs that had been posted previously (technical reasons), but I think everything else is up and running. I’ll be working on settling in as the week progresses. I’m just glad this day is over. (I’m also glad that, at least for now, the site seems more responsive.)

And now, I still have episode 11 to write…fatigue be damned.

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