The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 14 – Getting the Word Out

A few quick things as I’m in the midst of writing F0309, “Trail Mix” (which will hopefully be out on Monday or so).

Those of you who are spoilerphiles have probably dropped by the spoiler section in the forum. I listed what should be the last update to the episode titles. At the start of this episode cycle, I decided that I needed a good hard look at where I was and where I was going. More importantly, how was I going to tell the story I wanted to tell and still get it done in a reasonable amount of time? After all, I only have 14 episodes left–which is not nearly enough.

So, some stories got shuffled a bit. A couple got a new direction (i.e., I changed the specifics of how I was going to handle a situation). Amazingly, nothing got dropped.

I’ve been enjoying the discussions I’ve been having concerning this story, both public and private. I may have to cut back on the lengthier ones during the week I’m actually writing the script, but keep ’em coming.

I’ve created a redirection link to make it easier to post links to the catalog page. Now you can use, instead of I think it will be easier to remember. (The long link is still the permanent link and will, naturally, still work.)

And please, feel free to use the link. Let people know what’s going on here. Tell them that it’s almost like being there. Calm fears that a script is hard to read (well, maybe they are, but even in production offices I’ve long been known as an “easy read”). Keep letting them know. I’ll try to find a pocket of time to do up some banners for those of you who want to use ’em.

I’m not big on the self-promotion in any case, but it’s made much worse by the fact that I’m sort of working on something, you know? I’m depending on word-of-mouth to the fan sites and entertainment sites and seeing the sites (no…skip that last one).

If someone wants to write reviews…hey, who am I to stop you? I’d do it myself, but I think I’m too close to the writer to be objective. After all, we do sleep in the same bed. Not only that, but (shhhhh) I even wear his clothes sometimes. (SHHHHHH)

Oh…I had a question about the vlogs. My notes are pretty sparse. For the one in writer’s room 13, I think it was something like this:

  • Talk about LG & web sites
  • How write eps
    • Day off
    • Outline 2-3
    • Script

And that was pretty much it. I had a few other things that I’d put in if I remembered (which I did), but that’s pretty much what my notes consist of. Sign posts. The rest is me talking extemporaneously. I should probably rehearse…or take better notes. The vlogs might be shorter that way.

Speaking of which, I’ve been wrestling with picking a video editor to make doing the vlogs easier. Found one. So…now I’m no longer wasting time with that evaluation process. (Yeah, that means more vids are in the future. Apologies in advance.)

You are always free to follow me on Twitter. I don’t tweet tons, but I do tweet a fair amount. Although some days I might only squeeze out a couple, more often than not it’s in the 8-12 range (most not concerned with the connor wars at present). I’m @terpcj.

Oh…someone asked if I was going to kill any of the main cast. Well, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Maybe more than one. Maybe all of them (still haven’t decided whether or not Skynet wins). You just never know with me.


And I’ll leave you with some redacted spoilers. As usual, if you skip this section, you lose nothing but the spoilers.

Some extra space to help protect those who have software that doesn’t do the redactions correctly.

I admire your self control.

I don’t understand it, but I admire it.

Don’t know how big these are,

But if you don’t want to know them,

You should have bailed already.

Because now it’s too late.

I am really looking forward to episode F0314. This episode focuses on Brandi and Allison. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since the Muses gifted me with it several weeks ago. Not exactly sure what happens, but whatever it is, it’s bound to be cool. (I hope.) Oh, and this is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a standalone episode this season.

On a different topic, it’s a shame that medical facilities aren’t cleaner. In the Civil War there were more deaths caused by diseasethan there were soldiers killed in action by almost 3-to-1 on both sides. And that’s without biological weapons. Just normal lying-around germs. I’m just sayin’.

Some names you might be familiar with: General Perry, Martin Bedell, Jesse Flores, Cameron Phillips, the Engineer. And there are even more names, besides. Lots of characters for me to use/refer to/explain…yes.

One more?

Let’s just say that Allison doesn’t immediately consider that the machine that looks like her is the coolest thing ever.

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