The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 11– New Birthday for Allison?

This is just a short one, but I have a question I’m interested in seeing some consensus on. I’m thinking I missed something.

aliyoung01 280In the timeline I’ve been keeping for The Connor Wars, I’ve changed Allison Young’s accepted birthday. Why? Well, let me go through my reasoning and tell me if I’ve totally munged things up.

Sarah, Derek, and Cameron meet Kacy–the extremely pregnant Kacy–on November 15, 2007 (this is the day after John’s 16th birthday, the day the events of “Automatic For the People” begin).

In “Allison From Palmdale”, a still extremely pregnant Kacy is taken by Sarah to the hospital. In this same episode, a call is made to Claire Young (ostensibly Allison Young’s mother). Claire is very obviously pregnant (guesstimate 6-8 mos). By using how pregnant Kacy is, it seems likely that this episode is taking place no later than early/mid December.

Also in “Allison From Palmdale”, the captured Allison Young, under duress, states that her birthday is July 22. Being that Claire in 2007 will in no way carry to July 22, this is clearly a deception on Allison’s part.

Therefore, in my timeline I’ve put Allison’s birthday at being January 22, 2008. Why January 22? Well, January’s a reasonable guess given how far along Claire was. Also, since someone like Allison would likely know that a lie wrapped up in truth is easier to accept, using her real numeric day combined with a month that begins with the same letter as hers would be less likely to be detected as a deception. And thus, instead of July 22, she’s actually six months older having been born in January.

This means that in 2027, when John is currently, Allison Young is 19 and John Connor is a precocious lad of 17.

So…that’s my reasoning. I’m pretty sure it holds up. Problems with it?

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