The Connor Wars F0307 – “Resfest”

Here is the seventh installment of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles fanfic that picks up where the second season finale left off. As I mentioned before, I was so enthusiastic about the possibilities presented when the season ended that I just had to keep it going regardless of what happens with the suits at FOX.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that I changed the name of the series to Terminator: The Connor Wars. I think that more accurately conveys what this project will cover as well as it being a lot easier to say.

As I disclaim on the title page, this is just meant to be a bit of fannish fun in the long spirit of the various fan communities. I’m not intending to step on any toes.


After the huge arc that we just finished, it clearly was time for a bit of a breather for everyone to pause and catch their collective breaths.

This is the first episode of the season that focuses on the 2009 storyline more than the 2027 storyline. Even though Sarah and her troop are trying to have “normal” lives, the fact is that they are caught in extraordinary circumstance. They have important things that have to be dealt when when they need to be dealt with and not put off until it’s more convenient.

It’s usually this way in the future, as well, but with both sides having only just limped away from a major battle, the time finally arrived to relieve a little bit of the stress. These pauses don’t come often, but when they do they need to be savored. Of course, not everyone gets to relax…not when the future existence of humanity is on the line.

And, before I let you go, just a reminder that for those of you who are curious as to who the heck is writing these things, I’ve posted a video blog of me pretty much saying out loud  the same sort of stuff that I write in my more bloggy updates.

Lastly, thanks for your patience waiting for this ep. It’s about 4-5 days later than is regularly scheduled, but it was a necessary respite for me.

(With the size it is, the PDF seems to read easier if you zoom to 66.7% and then scroll the text horizontally so it’s centered.)

Previous episode: F0306 – “Clutch”

Next episode: F0308 – “Ties and Links”

Oh, and before I get emails about this. The PDF file I generated has the setting to allow people to print out the script turned off. If you are having trouble with the plug-in, click here.

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