The Script I Always Wanted to Write

I’ve written a lot of scripts. Some I’ve enjoyed very much. Some I was more than happy to shelve. Still, there is one that I’ve always wanted to do. I know I never will, but that doesn’t stop the dream.

To anyone who knows me, the story isn’t hard to guess: Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Back in my early teens, before I’d even considered being a screenwriter, I just knew that I wanted to see a movie (or more honestly, a mini-series) of this novel. However, I’ve never been in a position to get in good with the current owners of the movie rights. It’s not likely I ever will. As a result, I’ll never write this script (writing it just for fun isn’t the same).

And so…this will remain a dream. I just hope someone makes the movie while Ed Asner still has the acting chops. No one else could play Jubal Harshaw as well. It’s been true for decades. I want to see that man in that role.

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