The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 6 – The Scary Episode

Without a doubt, F0304 “Without a Scorecard” is going to be the scariest episode for me to post. Not because the story is in itself scary, but because I’m sort of going out on a limb with it. Some of you are going to not be happy. All I can say is that you’ve tcw-on-a-limb-300seen that I’m pretty much not making this up as I go. The list of posted titles through episode 22 show that. I do have a plan. All I ask is that even if you hate me for writing this episode the way I did, trust that there is a reason why I did it and that it will/should (hopefully) be satisfying as the season unfolds.

Because of several elements of the story that I want you to experience without preconception in both timelines, I’m not posting spoilers this time. Sorry. I’ll try not to do that too often.

In any case, as I post this update, the script is about 12 pages short. So what else is new? What happened was that my C-story was obviously going to be too much, so I dropped it for now. This means that I have to come up with a new C-story (both of the A-stories are already written [yes, I consider both timeline stories to be A-stories this time]).

The C-stories can be fun because if there is going to be a place where I’ll do stuff just to be clever, it will be there (not in the main stories). Sometimes I’ll do something just because it’s fun to do. Sometimes I’m setting stuff up. Other times…well, I don’t want to give away all my secrets so soon :-)

I do have to once again thank all of you for your messages and comments. Some things that y’all have noticed and/or guessed at have actually become part of the story threads…though perhaps not in the way(s) you intended (mwahaha!).

Oh, quick note. On the catalog page, I fixed something I neglected to do when I first posted it–the titles are now linked to the appropriate posted scripts. I apologize for goofing on that.

So…time to try to finish up the 1st draft today so I can possibly get a finished script posted by sometime tomorrow, the 10th (about 50/50 at this point). I hate it when I drop a planned storyline–it always screws up my schedule.

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