Save One Show – Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Every year, the Watch With Kristen section of the E! web site features an S.O.S. (Save One Show, formerly Save Our Show) election for netizens to vote on a “bubble” show they’d like their network to save.

Well, the preliminary round is finished, and the five shows remaining are:

  • Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Dollhouse
  • Chuck
  • Privileged
  • Life

I’ve been a loyal watcher of four of those five, but (as with all votes) a decision must be made. That said, I’m voting for Terminator just as often as they let me (and as often as I remember to). Don’t make me write season 3 by myself, let’s leave it to the professionals.

While I in no way want to tell you who to vote for or not vote for, I do encourage TTSCC fans to click on the link below and vote the Capone way (i.e. early and often)…just do it within the framework of the rules.

Save One Show

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