The Connor Wars Writer’s Room 2 – An Update and Some Early Spoilers

First off, I have to say that I’m having a blast getting to write something I have a passion about. I haven’t had this much fun in years.

So, where are we? You’ve probably noticed from some of the cross-posts that I’ve quickly brought this project up to speed. The basic bible was done up pretty quickly, some character studies, a white board of character arcs, and so forth. All in about week. I’d long known how the season was going to start, but once I figured out how it was going to end, I knew that I was ready to don the yoke of writing.

Episodes 1-3 have been broken, and episode 4 is about to be. The script for episode 1 is currently being written (I started a couple of days ago), and the first draft should be ready in a couple of days hence. After that, it will be in rewrite for a bit before getting released for y’all to read; which, hopefully, won’t too long from now.

I don’t yet have a schedule for getting scripts written and out the door. Being that (so far) I’m the only one participating in this project and I do have a life outside of this little diversion, I can’t imagine it’ll be quicker than an episode every couple of weeks or so. I plan on a complete 22-episode season. That’s what’s been blocked out.

But, since I know some of you just love to know what’s coming beforehand (I’m one of those), I’m more than happy to dish up a few spoilers to whet your sharpening stone. Those of you not wanting to know, there will be nothing other than spoilers after the jump, so avert your eyes now.



In episode 1, there are some weapon discharges. One happens when John and Allison are together in a small room. Another one happens when Skynet targets one of the Reese boys. In these incidents…let’s just say that some owies ensue…some more worrisome than others.

Also in episode 1, Savannah goes ape-shit when she discovers John Henry is missing, and she dismantles the server farm looking for him. OK, that doesn’t happen. Not exactly.

In episode 2… John’s had better days. I will say that Riley is not in this episode. Don’t look for her. She’s not in it. You might think she’s in it, but she’s not. Sarah is, but definitely not Riley. Not that Riley couldn’t be in the episode, but she isn’t.

Episode 3 is going to be a cool episode (maybe). Someone from John’s school days appears and…how shall I say this…gives John a lift. Let me reiterate that Riley is not in the second episode.

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