Pre-order Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2

Like many of you, my DVR has all 22 hours of season 2 from Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles loaded on it (‘course, since I write all of these blogs, I sort of need the reference). The rest of you don’t, but wish you did so that you could go back to earlier in the season now that you have a better idea what Catherine Weaver’s agenda was. It definitely adds a different take. is now offering for pre-order the season 2 disc sets (in both DVD and Blu-ray). Doubtless there will be many interesting extras, as is so often the case with series releases. For you convenience they are now in my store, or you can just click the links below to snag your copies so they are in your hands when they get released (as well as season 1 if you don’t already have it).

Some of you might be asking if it’s worth it? I’d like to think so. I haven’t seen as tenacious a fan following since Firefly, and we all know how FOX execs have had to realize maybe-cancelling-it-wasn’t-our-best-idea. As I write this, the fate of TTSCC hasn’t yet been written. One factor for getting a third season will likely be the number of pre-orders the disc-sets get. As a result, I can’t encourage you enough to vote for the show in a way everyone in the executive suite understands.

So, don’t wait. Pre-order today. Now. The show you save might be the one you want.

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