TTSCC Fanfic Project (updated 5-15)

The TTSCC Season 3 fanfic project is underway. Please check out the forum for details. If you want to participate (even if you can’t write more than a tweet) check it out and sign up if you are interested. Note: if you are a member of this site you’ll see more forums (including some development forums) than if you are a guest; if you are upgraded to writer, you’ll see all the forums.

Quick update 4-24: Episodes 2-4 are being broken, with episode 1 currently being scripted. The Whiteboard was moved to a writer’s-only section so you don’t get unnecessarily spoiled.

Quick update 4-29: The 1st draft for Episode 1 is now written and set for rewrite (as I write this, it isn’t yet in the forum for comment, but it will be by later today). As predicted, it came in 5-7 pages short. C’est la vie. Ep 2 is being outlined. Ep 5 is next in line for breaking.

Quick update 5-10: The first episode has been posted and the second episode is about 1/3 of the way through the first draft. I’m hoping to get Ep 2 out before the FOX upfronts on May 18. Eighteen of the twenty-two episodes have had their major plot mapped out and the sh–stuff I’m doing to the characters planned.

Quick update 5-15: The 1st draft for Episode 2 is now written and set for rewrite. Here we start John down the long road to becoming a legend. Also, Sarah comes across a terminator we haven’t seen in a while.

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