Ausiello Reporting TTSCC is “Done”

Entertainment Weekly gossip reporter (a usually accurate one) is reporting that Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles is done. That although an official announcement is awaiting the up-fronts in May, multiple inside sources are saying that the series is over.

Here is a link to the original article: Scoop: Fox set to terminate ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’

Remember, this “inside information” is still rumor (though strong rumor). A writer for the show has issued a tweet that implies this is related to a previously discredited blog post from March.

Still, there are a couple of cable nets that might be intrigued enough by the series that they’d consider it if the Ausiello report is true. I wouldn’t count on SyFy (nee SciFi)…they like their original stuff and their series budgets are often committed far in advance. (As we found out when FOX cancelled Firefly.)

As for me… I’m continuing on with the fanfic project regardless. I like to think that we fans can continue the saga in an orderly way so that some really cool tales can be told in a structured writer’s room sort of way. Check out the forum for details, or get your first taste with TTSCC Season 3 Fanfic Writer’s Room 1 – Intro & Bible.

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