Going Viral with Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Friday, March 6  starts what promises to be one heck of a ride for the rest of the second season of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This promises to be something really good…maybe even special.

Go viral with with reminder…especially to those who haven’t tried the series or those who tasted and left too soon. Emails, forums, social networks, whatever and wherever. Spread the news far and wide that TTSCC is not to be missed. Why? Click on the video link below:

Love. A son. A mother. Killer robots from the future. It’s all here wrapped with a nice little bow. All you need to do is unwrap it.
(And for the cyber-impared, “go viral” means to spread the message…spread it far, spread it wide, spread it clear, do not hide (er…yeah. sorry). It does not mean to infect computers with it. Seriously.)

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