The WonderCon 2009 TTSCC Panel and Spoiler Video

One of the most well-received Terminator videos of recent memory has been this clip reel, first shown at WonderCon, and currently available via EW’s spoiler maven, Michael Ausiello.


This is a fascinating collection of images. A lot can be speculated about, and has. It seems that Cameron has been collecting spare parts and gets bust. Seems that Riley spills the beans, and lots of people get busted. A new terminator is in the mix, looks like he might get busted. Cameron and Sarah both have shocking scenes. There seems to be some discord among our ZieraCorp family.

I’m hopeful that this will be a tight back six…tight enough that the ratings added with the dvr and download numbers will be enough to entice FOX to give a renewal nod to the show.

But wait, there’s more. WonderCon was about more than the spoiler reel. It was about Josh, and Shirley, and Summer. Take a gander at what they had to say (in the scroll box, you’ll have to scroll to the appropriate WorldCon Panel 2009 part)

And if that isn’t enough…well, I guess you’re just really tough to please. Good for you.

(So you know…I’ve already started the comments, below.)

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