TTSCC Scenes I’d Like To See (Part 2) – Cam and Cat

I, like many fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, have our own ideas of how things sort of work in the TTSCC timeline(s) we’ve been given. Understandably, we have scenes or stories that we’d like to see. Usually, they never happen because we aren’t privy to the creative plans of the creative staff. This doesn’t mean that we are bound to suffer in silence. I’ve been a part of many fandoms going back to the original Star Trek series, and I’ve never known the imaginative fans to keep quiet about what they are thinking. Given the pieces of fanfic I’ve written in the past, I think it’s safe to say that I’m part of that not-keeping-quiet group.

[WARNING: Should staffers connected with TTSCC be reading this, your legal department will probably want you to abandon this blog now (not that I’d know one way or the other). Creative scenes will be outlined or written below. Frankly, I’d don’t care if you see them or not, but I don’t want you to get into trouble if you do. I’ll view it as a happy coincidence that I stumbled upon anything that has popped up in your meetings.]

So, instead of being all dry and texty as usual, I’m going to revert back to the writing form I’m happiest using: the screenplay. Please, don’t expect anything even remotely good…I haven’t written in this form in years, and like anything else it takes practice to maintain one’s skills.

Cam and Cat

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It’s fun to do a lot of John and Cameron speculation, but I was wondering…our two main terminators seem to be playing things pretty close to their vest. We really don’t know what’s going on with them. So, I mused about this interchange that seems to be important, but stays just as ambiguous as Josh & Co. seem to like it. Enjoy:


CAMERON walks deliberately through the office, examining
and cataloging.

A STATUE melts out of Cameron's POV. Cameron turns and
raises her Glock just as CATHERINE colors-in her silver

	I was wondering when you would get to me.

Cameron stares as we:

						FADE OUT:

                         END OF ACT x
                             ACT x


Cameron has a Glock pointed at Catherine. As she lowers

	ZeiraCorp was on the target list.
        Ignoring it would have been

Catherine walks over to her desk and sits. Cameron
stays standing.

	Sarah Connor won't find what she is
        looking for.

	No. You are very good at your job.
        How is your integration with the

	Savannah has accepted me as her

	Good. She will be important. Is
        Babylon observing her?

	Yes, and learning very quickly.


Cameron's phone VIBRATES.

	     (on phone)
	     (security exchange)
        I'm going to examine her
        assistant's files....
	Two minutes.
	     (hangs up)

	She's persistent.

	Do you have the materials that show
        Zeira still wanting to obtain the

Catherine removes a thumbdrive from a box on her desk
and places it closer to Cameron. Cameron retrieves it.

	May I ask how your mission is going?

Cameron looks at the thumbdrive.


Cameron tucks away the thumbdrive.

	I should go.
        I have to rummage through your
        assistant's files.

Cameron turns and walks from the room, Catherine has
no reaction.

I really like this scene because while we do learn that Cameron and Catherine are working together (at least for now), you don’t get anything else. You don’t know how long this arragement has been going on. You don’t know who is in charge, though it’s implied that it’s probably Cameron. You don’t know if they are working in the interests of Skynet, the Connors, or themselves. While it diffuses any immediate hope for a Cam vs Cat fight, we have no idea how tight this arrangement of theirs is. So far as we know, they could turn on each other tomorrow.

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