My 2008 Cornucopia of Thanks

2008 has been a year of re-emergence. After a few years of enduring my father’s decline with an undignifying illness, my immediate family and I have had a year to discover what the world is like when it is what we make of it. So, my first serving of thanks goes to my immediate family. Though there have been a couple of glitches, we’ve all been flexible and tolerant and have supported each other when we’ve needed to. We’ve managed to walk back out into the light.

And speaking of light, I eagerly give thanks to my chosen family, whose presence alone brings a smile to my face, a lightness to my soul, and fills my heart with love. Though it’s been a year of changes, the love has only grown.

I’m thankful for my friends, and to the technologies that have allowed me to reconnect with them. It’s been so cool to find out what’s been going on in their lives and to get to share what they are curious about in mine. There are a couple in particular that I’ve been very happy to reconnect with. Good friends are jewels not to be locked in a safe, but are to be cherished and appreciated for the unique treasures they are.

I’m thankful that my country has matured enough (though just barely) that a man of color color was able to be elected as president. That says a lot about how much this country has grown since the ugliness I witnessed as a child in the 60s. This election was a wonder.

My art has been something that I give thanks for almost constantly. Not only have I finished works that I’m proud of (and amazed that they emerged from me), but it has allowed me to connect to some folk who are afflicted with a similar love of aesthetics and message. Though some names are imdb fodder, most are not. It’s welcome that none of that matters beyond the people we are.

I’m thankful that people have been enjoying the things I’ve been writing on my blog. The numbers keep growing. As I’ve mentioned before: I’m thankful that even though I have very little to say, I have it within me to not be afraid to say it (with thousands of words, if necessary).

I think it’s safe to say that this has been a good year. I haven’t accomplished even half of what I was hoping to, but I have no need to fret because I’m surrounded by people I’m very pleased to know and who let me share some of myself with them. I have shelter, I have food, and I have y’all. 2008 has seen me be very wealthy, indeed. My thanks, mostly, are for you all.

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