CWDC 4-way Crossover 2017 Guesses

The now annual big, splashy CWDC crossover is a little over a week away as I write this. Except for the really short teaser trailer and the promo poster (and what I know of the comic), I haven’t seen or read anything spoilery that is in any way useful. That said, I wanted to try some guesses as to how it will unfold.

Spoilers ahoy if you want to know or suppose absolutely nothing.

Last chance to bail.


What is known that the setup for this is a gathering of super-friends to celebrate the wedding of Iris and Barry. This happy event gets crashed by Earth-X Nazis and then stuff happens that takes the remaining 3-3/4 shows over two nights to resolve. So…my thoughts:

  • Alex is probably Kara’s +1 for the wedding.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Kara is captured so that Overgirl gets her share of Supergirl’s screen time.
  • Is Kara tortured/experimented on to learn Overgirl secrets? (I’m crossing Nazi universes here, but discovery requires experimentation).
  • I suspect Alex is most useful because she, more than anyone here, knows Kryptonian weaknesses. (Will heat vision/fear control be a factor?)
  • Oliver will be tapped as team leader because that’s what you do. Sara will be the leader of a smaller, possibly infiltration group that includes Alex and at least one of the totem-wielders.
  • Killer Frost will be a reluctant ally, not so much because she loves her friends but more because she likes her Earth as-is (sort of “no one picks on my sister except for me” attitude).
  • Some of the non-powered people are bound to get captured. That’s their job, after all.
  • Overgirl and Blitzern (Reverse Flash) will probably be kickin’ some team Arrowverse ass for the first 2/3 of the crossover — they are too OP and have the luxury of prior planning. (It’s always possible, I suppose, that Blitzern is with the resistance and acts as a double agent.)
  • For once, Barry will now be able to hold his own(-ish) against a speedster after having spent a lifetime in the speed force.
  • Amaya’s experience with the JSA fighting Nazis, combined with Nate’s knowledge of the era, will help provide a tactical edge once Oliver deigns to listen to them.
  • Killer Frost may get some hero-schooling from Citizen Cold. They’ll probably be frenemies but with a shared affection of all things cold.
  • Stein’s final adventure as half of Firestorm? Earth-saving is a younger person’s game after all.
  • The Atom will make a goof and then have a critical tech role (with Mr. Terrific) to play in the endgame.
  • Will there be an argument about whether it’s OK to kill Nazis? Or doppelgängers?
  • Freeing Kara (by Sara’s group?) will be the tipping point of battle. Her taking on Overgirl allows everyone else to finally gain the upper hand.
  • Barry and Iris probably end up getting married. Could be a reset of the beginning or it could be ad hoc with probably one of the Legends doing the officiating.
  • Good guys win without anyone getting seriously killed. (I’m really going out on a limb with this one.)

Vague, I know. The details of the story I don’t have a clue about. I wouldn’t be surprised that I only get the first and last ones right. I am quite intrigued to see how all of this unfolds.

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