FIFA Senior National Teams – Suggestion for Displaying World Cup Wins Stars

wwc2011starsbra 198I’ve complained before how the Brazilian women’s team has stars over their crest that refer to the men’s team, not their own. I wonder if US Soccer could get away with putting three stars over the badge on the men’s jerseys? Think anyone would mind? Of course they would. So, I propose FIFA establish a clear standard for everyone to follow.

uswnt3starbadge 281Since every country who wins a World Cup for either gender wants to crow about it, I say they should get to…within reason. Because the crest represents the nation’s federation, it could count all the wins. It should be done obviously but without ostentation. E.g., I feel the triangle of stars currently sported by the US Women’s National Team are too bold both in layout and the proportional size of the stars.

My suggestion: over the crest will be the wins of the represented gender, using solid stars. Under the crest will be the wins of the opposite gender, using outlined stars. The stars shall be centered either in a line or an arc with no more than five stars per line and no line extending beyond the primary boundary of the crest. Stars shall be of a fixed maximum size relative to the crest width (which would also have a maximum size) with a spacing of between one-half and one full star between adjacent stars. All stars, whether solid or outlined, to be the same size.

We’d then get something like this:

fifantbadgesugg 1000

Voila, federation pride is upheld while no team gets to claim honors not earned.

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