Hyper-male Nuts, Meet Shell

This post mostly exists to link to an excellent article by John Beckett: Dude, It’s You.

If a woman rejects you, maybe you’re just not her type…[B]y the fourth or fifth or tenth rejection, the odds are getting strong the problem isn’t with any given woman, and if you get to the point where you’re thinking — much less talking — about the evils of women in general, the case is settled.

Dude, the problem is you.

unshelledpeanuts 500That’s really it in a nutshell.

The stench of self-entitled narcissism exhibited by Elliot Rodger and those he mutually identified with is a pernicious disease that shows little sign of abating. I suspect it fuels, or at least provides justification to, the anatomy-focused, hate-crime invecting spew that fills so many comment sections of female authored/hosted content on the ‘net.

Unfortunately, just about every solution to this mess requires changing some fundamental American tenet. Maybe that’s a necessary next step (we can debate that in another post). The fact is that this androphilic, misogynistic mindset is a global malignancy that needs to be mitigated — sooner better than later.

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