Holiday Watch: Catch a Christmas Star

CatchAChristmasStar_0278U.jpgIt’s never easy to rekindle a high school romance. It’s even harder when one is internationally known and publicizing a new holiday record. So, it’s no picnic when Chris Marshall tries to Catch a Christmas Star.

Young Sophie Marshall is a Nikki Crandon über-fan. When she finds out her widower dad (Steve Byers) and Nikki (Shannon Elizabeth) not only knew each other in high school but were sweethearts… well, matchmaking plans, as they must, ensue. So Sophie drags her brother into Manhattan to set the wheels in motion at a Nikki record signing.

Long story short: Nikki has loved Chris “all her life”, and Chris is pretty much the same. Despite self-serving and interfering label guy and narcissistic ex-boyfriend celeb, and some ill-advised caution by Chris, they figure it out.

The recap is a bit thin as the story itself is a bit thin. Whenever a movie has several song performances (the movie is only 85 minutes to begin with), that means they’re filling pages/time. I also could have done without a period of extreme smarminess from both the label guy and the ex-bf. They’d have to dig up to reach the level of sewer rats. The label guy was bad enough, but the aren’t-I-great actor ex was unnecessary.

The shining spot in the movie is Shannon Elizabeth. Her acting makes the movie better than it really has a right to be. Not that it’s a bad movie per se; the story is nice and reasonably engaging, but it lacks in regards to depth and complexity — and the antagonists are more annoying than effective. There really isn’t much in the way of a denouement…just a climax and cut to credits.

This is not a movie to drop your plans to see. Still, it has some nice moments and even some heartfelt moments; and Ms Elizabeth gives it life. Go ahead and check it out if you’re already on the couch.

2.5 of 5 

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